New Jersey & New York: Perfect Together

New Jersey is an amazing place.  We have Weird NJ, Asbury Park, Bruce, and the Jersey Devil (the unofficial mascot of the state).  I was born and raised there, and I have a lot of Jersey pride.  I live in NY now, and have for about six years.  Although I adore Jersey and love that it’s so close, I’m not trying to move back any time soon (the ‘burbs are fun to visit but I’m digging Bk too much right now).

All of this is to say that when I saw this necklace on Catbird (a great jewelry store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) I literally gasped out loud:

“Aaaaaaah” (choir of angels singing).  I love that not only does it have New York AND New Jersey on it, but one is gold and one is silver, so it goes with everything!  I showed it to my boyfriend and then said “But I mean, don’t get me this for Christmas or anything, I don’t really need jewelry”.  HA.  Reverse psychology.  I am so wily.

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