EmersonMade. My new crush.

EmersonMade is a cute little label that puts out clothes and accessories.  It’s run by a ridiculously good-looking couple, and designed by the wife character, Emerson.  (She’s the one modelling all the clothes.  I am so jealous of her hair.) EM started out just doing cloth flowers  accessories, which is cute and all but I really did not even care until the clothing line came out this year and the clothing line is SO GREAT, you guys.  I mean, it’s nothing revolutionary –  it looks like most of the pieces are based off of vintage silhouettes, and the variety is pretty limited.  But, you know, who wants to wear a revolution?  Emerson hit all the basics: denim, some simple blouses, classic shifts, and a few coats and jackets.  I want literally every single piece.  In particular, I die one thousand deaths over these pants:

EM BlueBells - $188

It makes me so sad that unless I magically grow 4 inches I will never be able to wear them without looking ridiculous beyond belief.  Curse these short legs.

Other pieces that call to me include this perfect little jacket, and this perfect little dress:

1960's Jacket - Navy $228

EM GO Dress - $198

Now, if anyone wants to please sponsor my acquisition of any or all of these pieces, just send the funds to me at kiki@power-animals.com and we’ll call it a day.