TV Carnage, OJ Simpson, Vintage Fitness Gear…Wow

TV Carnage, OJ Simpson, Vintage Fitness Gear…Wow

As an only child / latchkey kid, I became a pro at making my own fun. Sad-larious example: I once recorded the entire musical Annie on a tape recorder, the parts of everyone played by yours truly. Luckily, that was a one-time thing. Something I did more on the reg was mixing random TV and(…)

Marcel the Shell is a Book!

I have PA Tammy to thank for introducing me to one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it speaks to my undying love of anthropomorphized objects. Imagine my absolute glee when I discovered that my favorite video has been made into a(…)

The Worst Recipe Ever?: An Internet Classic

Some things are just not meant to go together. Case and point Sandra Lee’s infamous Kwanzaa cake which combines angel food cake, frosting, apple pie filling and corn nuts. Even the true author of this shocking concoction later renounced it! This gem has been making the rounds on the internet the past few years but(…)