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Caftans, I’m Coming for You!

Caftans, I’m Coming for You!

Summer is coming, bishes, and with summer comes caftan season. It’s not like I need a season for caftans; I wear them around the house as much as possible whenever it’s not matching pajama weather. Apparently I’m in good company because Christina Hendricks also wears caftans when she is being a lady of leisure. Most(…)

Karen Walker x Advanced Style = Perfection.

Karen Walker x Advanced Style = Perfection.

Obviously, this collaboration involves all things I love: sunglasses, turbans, jewels, leopard print, and some badass ladies to model it all. My FAVE sunglasses designer, New Zealander Karen Walker, decided to use the amazing ladies of the Advanced Style blog to promote her Spring 2013 “Forever” campaign. All the ladies were photographed in their own(…)

Stepping Up My Pajama Game

Stepping Up My Pajama Game

You know how people on tv are always wearing matching pajamas?  The Kardashians* seem to be in their PJs like 70% of the time, as does Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess on New Girl.  One of the roommates on the show even made fun of her “pajama outifts” while they were in an argument.**  But, despite(…)

When Mantras Fail: Beta Fashion Maxi Skirt

This morning I put on a decidedly French Would Do outfit, and am sitting at work feeling great about my mantra. Then why is it that, when I came across Beta Fashion’s ‘Malibu Haze’ print maxi skirt my jaw just about dropped to the ground. I mean, this thing is just amazing, but I could(…)

An Ode to Martinique Wallpaper

I have found the Wallpaper of My Dreams and it is the Original Martinique Wallpaper created in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Despite the fact that I live in a tiny apartment in New York City, at heart I am a DEEPLY tropical person. This wallpaper is my true. love. There are many fancy(…)

Matthew Williamson Conquers the Color White

Matthew Williamson, master of color and patterns, just launched a line of stunning wedding gowns and bridal wear. I’m a huge Matthew Williamson fan, from his eponymous ready-to-wear line to his Escape resort-wear line to his taste in interior design.  It’s all VERY Would Fabulous Retiree Wear. And now, we have Williamson’s bridal collection that(…)

Yves Saint Laurent Rings to YSLove

Seeing as I’m a bit of a magpie, I have long coveted these amazing sculptured Yves Saint Laurent rings that are a staple on luxury shopping site Net-A-Porter. They have a natural and organic shape that is timeless.  When I look at these rings I am cheerily reminded of my grandmother’s glam personal style and(…)

Would Fabulous Retiree Wear? A New Mantra

PA Tammy and PA Melissa have their fashion mantra “Would French Do?” which I love in theory, but I just know that I’d never be able to pull it off. My attraction toward bright colors, sparkles, and anything with animal print is just far too strong for me to try and tame. Since WFD was(…)