L.L. Bean Moccasins Keeping Feet Happy All Winter Long

For Christmas, PA Thea gave me a pair of the L.L. Bean Wicked Good® Moccasins and they are amazing. Slipping your foot into these bad boys is like being engulfed in a wonderful cloud of woolly warmth. They keep your feet nice and toasty warm but without getting sweaty and overheated.  Basically, I want to wear them all of(…)

Power List: 3 Products to Save Your Skin From Terrible Winter Dryness

It’s freezing cold, wind is whipping down the avenues, and tears are running down your face. It’s winter, YAAAAAYYYYY! Haha, kidding. Winter is my nemesis. It makes my skin sad and red and dry and crackly and it has become clear to me that I was meant to live in the tropics. Many, many years(…)

This Skirt Will Help You Stay Hott in the Cold

I tend to shy away from dresses and skirts in wintertime, mostly because I hate wearing tights. PA Hillary swears that comfortable tights exist and PA Thea is always looking cute in dress/tights/boots combos, so I’m considering giving tights another chance. Nothing is making me consider this harder than this FLY crushed velvet leopard print(…)