Etsy Finds: Animal Knits at Article Apparel

Aaaaaah! Adorable does not do this pillow justice. I just want to get it and spend the night pinching its cheeks. It’s rare to find such a modern take on handmade knits on Etsy, but lovely Lilli Wicks is killing it out of her UK shop. Not only does she make these perfect pillow covers,(…)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I am a huge fan of spy thrillers, even though too often when I go to see a new one, it’s just not very good. Now, spy thrillers are usually chock full of suave, hot dudes running around the globe suspecting everyone and eventually shooting and blowing things up. The ladies sexually seductive, and more(…)

Royal Wedding, Royal Breakfast at Jean Georges

PA Melissa and I are totally psyched for the royal wedding, and it’s just a couple of weeks away! We’re probably just going to DVR the show, and get together Friday night to watch and marvel at the greatest parade of our time. We’ll have some bubbly and speak in fake British accents, and then(…)