tote bag

Bright Totes from Wm J. Mills & Co.

Ever since the rise of eco-chic, tote bags have become de rigeur.  That also means that they’re a dime a dozen, gracing the shelves of supermarkets and high-end fashion boutiques alike. That said, there are tote bags, and there are tote bags, and Wm J. Mills & Co. makes the kind that you’ll never hide(…)

French Would Totes Do This Tote

As soon as I came across this little number on Etsy, I knew that I had to share it with the PA gang. Everything about it says to me “Springtime in Paris.” Couldn’t you just see Audrey Tautou riding a bike along the Seine with a basket full of fresh flowers and this tote slung(…)

Love Kate Bush? Love This Tote!

Much like the Wu-Tang Clan, Kate Bush ain’t nothin to f*** with.  This mystical, magical lady is about to release a new album called “Director’s Cut,” which will feature reworked versions of several of her songs. “Running Up That Hill” is not one of those songs. While it’s hard to think of how any of(…)