Power Playlist: 3 Reasons to Love Robyn

There are a lot of reasons to respect Swedish recording artist, singer, and songwriter Robyn. She is versatile, powerful and a rad, quirky dancer just to name a few. After being a teen pop star in the 90s she started her own record label in 2005, Konichiwa Records, and has been fearlessly sampling influences from(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week – Summer in the City Edition

Summer art and design A kickstarter for a floating pool in the East River that could really happen Super excited to check out Ryan Trecartin’s PS1 show opening June 19th Check out BAM’s Si Cuba! Festival before it’s all over at the end of June Summer Food Sangria recipes to delightfully quench your thirst All(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Art Scary meets hilarious in the 30 Freakiest Ads of 2010 chosen by Adweek See the influence of music on the art of the 80s and 90s at MoMa’s Looking at Music 3.0 Loving the Earth Day inspired wine cork window displays at Anthropologie Fashion Take a few notes from these stylin pics of high(…)