A Photo Tribute to Harold Ramis, Babe.

A Photo Tribute to Harold Ramis, Babe.

It took the bummer of all bummers to remind me that I always thought Egon was the hottest Ghostbuster. (Bill Murray was up there, too. Ackroyd, not so much.) I know there must be others out there like me, that found the non-traditionally handsome Harold Ramis to be not just a comedic genius…but also kind(…)

Sweet Leather from Eleven

Hand crafted leather accessories have a special place in my heart, especially when they’re straight forward and mostly unadorned. The folks over at eleven… have really hit the nail on the head with their hand-painted leather goods. Though their collection isn’t huge, everything in it is worth a second look. The painted leather necklace is(…)

Get Striped & Cropped, Courtesy United Bamboo

We’re certainly in the midst of a sea change in fashion. The first phase, which took a few years to actually catch on, was the skinnying of our jeans. Now we’re pushing our jean waists back up, adding some color, and loosening up our tops. It’s no wonder I come up empty-handed after rifling through(…)

French Would Totes Do This Tote

As soon as I came across this little number on Etsy, I knew that I had to share it with the PA gang. Everything about it says to me “Springtime in Paris.” Couldn’t you just see Audrey Tautou riding a bike along the Seine with a basket full of fresh flowers and this tote slung(…)

Built By Wendy Fall Sale

1. Herringbone Sport Jacket, $83.10; 2. Riot Bomber Jacket, $94.50 (originally $315); 3.Waffleknit Shawlneck, $84.50; 4.Weimar Stripe Boatneck Dress, $81 Built by Wendy is launching its Spring 2011 collection on March 25th so all of the Fall 2010 collection is on major sale online with most pieces 50% off or more. Items are final sale(…)