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Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week!

Azealia Banks, Drunk Hulk and an underground park PA fave Azealia Banks gets some love on Pitchfork.  Surprisingly, we agree with Drunk Hulk’s sexiest people of the year!  High Line Inspires Plans for Park Under Delancey Street.  Games of Thrones, Hipster game and Muppets April will be a glorious month: ‘Game of Thrones’: First footage(…)

Williams-Sonoma: Secret Geeks?

When I think of Williams-Sonoma, I think of catalogs, copper pots, fancy espresso machines, and free olive oil samples with stale chunks of bread (you can get that particular treasure in-store).  What I normally do NOT think of are geek-tastic cookie cutters and pancake molds, but a quick tour of their website happily proves me(…)

My Dream House (and Ashtrays)

  T Magazine grants readers access to some incredible creative homes. The most recent design issue of the magazine introduces us to Alexandre de Betak’s Mallorca home. I’ve always had a soft spot for the white-washed walls, weathered stone, and terra cotta tiles of the Mediterranean, but this house takes the cake. The Times may(…)

Olly Moss

I’m really feeling Olly Moss‘ pared down posters for movies, shows and video games. They are so clever and simple, and his attention to detail is inspiring! I love the way the way defining elements from each world create the facial features of the character…the two moons of Tatooine for C3PO’s eyes, the Cloud City(…)