shoe market

Save Your Feet This Summer with Worishofer Sandals

Pictured above are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, excluding slippers. German Worishofer sandals combine the natural wonders of leather and cork to create a shoe experience like walking on a cloud that’s giving you a hug. Yes, they may serve a little ’70s great aunt realness, but mix them in with your own(…)

Sanita Clogs: Less Expensive, More Danish!

Like many Power Animals I love clog boots, especially the amazing looks made by Swedish Hasbeens and No. 6. Naturally, I was pretty excited to discover that Sanita (a Danish company that’s been around for more than a hundred years!) makes some similarly awesome clog boots at nearly half the cost, like the Gretha Boot(…)

From Boys to Girls, Rachel Comey Shoes

I first became aware of the existence of Rachel Comey when Steve came home toting a new pair of brown fabric oxfords by the brand. They were beautifully made, showing true craftmanship and striking just the right classic/modern balance. For a while I was just jealous, until I discovered that Rachel Comey decided to up(…)