I Swore I’d Never: Shoes From Anthropologie

I Swore I’d Never: Shoes From Anthropologie

Clockwise from upper left: 1) Seychelles Garden Walk, $80. 2) Latigo Verge T-Straps, $88. 3) Splendid Twilight Sandals, $78. 4) Sam Edelman Dakota Sandals, $110. 5) Cynthia Vincent Winnima Lace-Up Sandals, $248. 6) Jasper & Jeera Guincho Sandals, $78. I am definitely surprising myself by writing an entire roundup about sandals that I’d like to buy(…)

Insanely Tall 70s-Inspired Platform Face-off! Jessica Simpson Dany vs. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy

I know my interest in these shoes is a little silly. I live in a city in which it is very common to walk many, many miles in one day. But still it does not stop me from finding these shoes appealing. It is highly probable that these shoes were created NOT to actually walk(…)

Fancy Jumpsuits for Parties

I love a good one-piece outfit.  Whether it’s a dress, a romper, or a jumpsuit, all of them bring me serious joy. While I love clothes and shop obsessively (going for quality not quantity in 2011!), I still love an outfit that involves fewer decisions to make when I actually put it on. Throw on(…)