White Dresses: Not Just For Brides and Virgins

Summer is rapidly approaching!  I am so excited.  A month or two ago I bought some fun, metallic oxfords (much more wearable than one would think): and ever since I got them I have been dreaming of pairing them with a sweet little white dress (or romper) during the hottest days of summer.  Below, some(…)

Penchant For Prints? It’s Yumi Kim Time!

I’ve let it be known that I’m a fan of Yumi Kim’s flowy, silk mix-and-match pieces. They are effortless, timeless pieces that are just as at home on the beach, in the office, or at a party.  Yumi Kim’s spring and summer collections of new prints, shapes, and fits doesn’t disappoint–bright pinks, perfect peaches, crisp(…)

Fancy Jumpsuits for Parties

I love a good one-piece outfit.  Whether it’s a dress, a romper, or a jumpsuit, all of them bring me serious joy. While I love clothes and shop obsessively (going for quality not quantity in 2011!), I still love an outfit that involves fewer decisions to make when I actually put it on. Throw on(…)