Rodarte Wrap Tease

Rodarte Wrap Tease

It’s the holiday season, and we’re all scrambling around for gifts for our friends, family, coworkers, what have you. So much thought and energy goes into the gift, that the wrapping paper is just an afterthought… for most people at least. I try to do something different with my wrapping every year, but I usually(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Art: Scott Campbell: Celebrity tattoo artist and Louis Vuitton collaborator Lego stop-motion animation of “Summer Nights” from Grease Breathtaking photos of pups, penguins and exploration in Antarctica circa 1911 Get a sneak peek into Kiel Mead’s studio Why Ai Weiwei matters Rodarte’s short film: Aanteni Fashion: Hayden-Harnett’s adorable Boat Tote! Stunning Balmain striped sequin dress(…)

Extreme Lust: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

  Rodarte, Rodarte, Rodarte. I am not the most dedicated follower of fashion, but something about the sisters Mulleavy never fails to make my ears perk up and my pupils dilate. I flip through the slideshows, I read the interviews, I marvel at their inspiration (often music and film) and sheer artistic vision. Most of(…)