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Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Full Trailer!  AAAAAH

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Full Trailer! AAAAAH

Just posting a quick update to share the full Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer with you guys. This time we get to see the other stupid vampires that Edward drives around collecting so they can bear witness to Renesmee’s growth to the Volturi. More of Bella being The Most Awesome Vampire Who Ever Vampired, and(…)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser Trailer!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser Trailer!

AAAAH YES!  Finally!  Breaking Dawn 2 comes out in November but already teasers and trailers are being released.  Renesmee!  KStew looking totes hot as a vamper!  Volturi in dope ass bad guy outfits!  THANK YOU BABY JESUS I am so ready. Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 comes out in theaters November 16.

Bel Ami Starring Robert Pattinson: So Much Hotter Without the Vampire Makeup

httpvh:// All you need to know about this is that Robert Pattinson, looking hot and apparently often very angry, acts opposite and in the movie seduces Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman AND Kristin Scott Thomas.  I gotta say, this role seems to be a far cry from the very stiff and non-emotive Edward Cullen…I might have(…)

Bored at Work: Robert Pattinson Says Stuff Sometimes

A few of us here at Power Animals consider Robert Pattinson IRL to be kind of hilarious.  Ok.  Deep breath.  I’m just gonna say it.  In the commentary for Twilight and Eclipse (yes, yes, I have watched both), he is seriously SO funny.  Self-effacing and totally weird, RP seems to have a great sense of(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Art Super awesome time-lapse video! The Milky Way is amazing. Add some art to your trip for pizza at Roberta’s? Gallery Luhring Augustine opening in Bushwick this Fall. More photos of Francis Bean Cobain. Love the eyebrows! This time looking a bit like a young Kate Winslet. Fashion Swooning over the Club Monaco look book.(…)

Improving on Twilight: New Breaking Dawn Poster

The first full poster to feature the cast of Twilight: Breaking Dawn has debuted and woo-hoo, is it awesome or what! SIKE!  It’s not awesome at all, it’s totally boring!!  [WARNING: Spoilers Ahead] For those of you who don’t know, in the first half of the book Bella and Edward get married, they do “it”(…)

Make Your Own Candy Bars (or How I Obsessively Overplan All My Birthdays)

This post is way late, but I turned a gloriously ripe 31 a few weeks ago.  Last year I had a girls weekend at my father’s house in Jersey…he lives in a state park and it’s very pretty and picturesque, you would never believe that a scant 40 minutes away is where Snooki and the(…)