Neon, Gold, Studs + Claws: Jenny Dayco Jewelry!

Neon, Gold, Studs + Claws: Jenny Dayco Jewelry!

I feel like Jenny Dayco has discovered a way to merge the tough and the playful with her spring/summer 2013 jewelry collection. Bright neons couple with bold elements like metal cuffs, studs and claws and the result is incredibly fun and something I can’t wait to rock this summer! Nailed it, Jenny! Check out Jenny(…)

All the Things From A Thousand Picnics

All the Things From A Thousand Picnics

A perfect store full of small, adorable, and mystical things exists and it is called A Thousand Picnics. It has nothing you need and everything you want… and therefore must have. It is located across the street from Pies and Thighs (which if you haven’t seen their adorable commercial, watch it now!) and next door(…)

Monserat De Lucca’s Unexpected Awesomeness

Lighter, $63.00 I have a problem with jewelry…I just can’t figure it out.  I almost always put on a bracelet, ring or a necklace before I go out, and then right before I leave I second guess it and take it off.  I think if I had one of these fun, interesting pieces from Monserat(…)

Etsy Finds: Snake Jewelry

The Neverending Stooooryyyyyyy! Nanana nanana nanana. With all the maxi dresses and midi skirts out there, I feel like wearing a statement piece is a must.  After watching Practical Magic I am really digging witchy vibes and in a recent flash of inspiration searched for things like “snake bracelet” and “snake necklace” on Etsy and(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Do Nitehawk Cinema has got it going ON this week with 2 amazing films that we really want to see: Michael Rappaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life and Errol Morris’s Tabloid. Uniqlo’s pop-up roller rink at the Lot at the High Line. See some fun pics here! Super excited for The(…)

4th of July Fashion: Americana all the Way!

It’s back, y’all! So many fashion trends from our youth (that we frankly never thought we’d see again) are back. I know there is rarely anything completely new in fashion, so this shouldn’t surprise me, but still it’s fun to watch it all unfold.  That black and pink animal-print monokini I had when I was(…)

Melody Ehsani, I Want All of Your Jewelry

  Yowza. Jewelry and footwear designer Melody Ehsani is both fierce and inspiring. From a traditional Persian family, she broke the mold when deciding to pursue her true love, design, rather than going to law school like many of her friends and family members. Ehsani says that in her culture, a woman’s worth is largely(…)

Yves Saint Laurent Rings to YSLove

Seeing as I’m a bit of a magpie, I have long coveted these amazing sculptured Yves Saint Laurent rings that are a staple on luxury shopping site Net-A-Porter. They have a natural and organic shape that is timeless.  When I look at these rings I am cheerily reminded of my grandmother’s glam personal style and(…)