Party Time Deals

Party Time Deals

I’ve been neck deep in grad student conference planning, and I have somehow managed to discover a few things that you may want to learn. If you are inclined to click away from this post, think again. I’m not referring to the latest interpretation of Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation. Instead, I’m referring to the stressful(…)

Essie Geranium – A Rad Summer Red

Depending on the shade and the context, the color red in makeupland can evoke so many adjectives: glamorous, dated, tacky, chic, trampy, bold, luxurious and on and on. Hence, I have traditionally shied away from red makeup, afraid of taking a misstep and ending up looking like a two-bit hooker (yes, readers – a prostitute(…)

Folding for the Trend – Neon Color Pops

I’m still struggling with this color craze that’s hit every store rack in New York. It’s hard to follow my French Would Do creed in this saturated hue market, but yesterday I came to a realization. If there’s one thing that French would always do, it’s the blazer. Last night PA Melissa was sporting a(…)