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Rachel Comey and Rag & Bone Spring Boot WANTS!

Rachel Comey and Rag & Bone Spring Boot WANTS!

Even though what I really want to be doing is shopping for sandals on this cold late winter evening, I realize that my feet will be encased in their shoe prisons for likely a couple more months. Therefore it is time to be envious of these perfect spring booties, specifically these GEMS by Rag &(…)

Power Animals Fall Boot Roundup!

Boots!!!  I have a love/hate relationship with them…they are so fun and cute and add such pizazz to your outfit, but finding the perfect boot is nearly impossible.  Like, who does a girl have to eff to get a boot that is a reasonable heel height (2.5 to 3″) with a tall fitted shaft that(…)

From Boys to Girls, Rachel Comey Shoes

I first became aware of the existence of Rachel Comey when Steve came home toting a new pair of brown fabric oxfords by the brand. They were beautifully made, showing true craftmanship and striking just the right classic/modern balance. For a while I was just jealous, until I discovered that Rachel Comey decided to up(…)