Lisa Frank It Up: Coloring Books

Lisa Frank It Up: Coloring Books

Boy Bands, $12 You guys, I love to color.  I bought the most bomb set of crayons I could find about two years ago and it was totally a sound investment: The Telescoping Crayon Tower by Crayola.  Behold:   Right?  I know.  You’re impressed. Finally, I have found coloring books worthy of my magnificent coloring(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links for the Week…

  Art: Phil Toledano’s artist as dictator, Kim Jong Phil. David Ryle’s painterly topographical images of the  Mojave Desert, on It’s Nice That. Entertainment: Get tickets to Harry and The Potters at the Knitting Factory, July 31st. For real, there’s no shame in it. New Kids on the Block AND the Backstreet Boys are hitting(…)

NKOTBSB Together at Last

Who among us cannot claim to have at some point or another fallen under the spell of boy bands?  I mean, I’m pretty much under the spell of the Biebs right now and he is not even a band, just a no-screaming-teenager-left-behind Canadian juggernaut – but that is another story.  I am talking about getting(…)