Hypnotized by Rachel Rose

I’ve been on the prowl for loose-fitting silk tees to wear with my high-waisted jeans, and my search is officially over. Rachel Rose is a Brooklyn-based designer who’s currently putting out a richly-colored collection of hand-dyed silk tees. My favorite by far is the Blue Feather Inkblot tee, its name indicative of its look. Inky(…)

Beco, My Little Brazil in Brooklyn

Brazilians have this funny thing about them – they just love it when they find other Brazilians outside of Brazil. It’s funny, because when I was abroad, I didn’t care to chat it up with someone who I heard speaking in English at a cafe, but if I heard a group speaking in Portuguese, I(…)

From Boys to Girls, Rachel Comey Shoes

I first became aware of the existence of Rachel Comey when Steve came home toting a new pair of brown fabric oxfords by the brand. They were beautifully made, showing true craftmanship and striking just the right classic/modern balance. For a while I was just jealous, until I discovered that Rachel Comey decided to up(…)

Pendleton Pillows!

A few weeks ago I stopped by my friend Dan’s house to watch a little Sunday night football. I love visiting Dan, because he’s great company, he always has good eats, and as a bonus I get to hang out with his awesome dog, Georgie (AKA Hamburger Lips). Overall, it was a great night –(…)