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Kanye + Janelle Monae Bring Joy to My Heart on Live TV

Kanye + Janelle Monae Bring Joy to My Heart on Live TV

The extreme joy that both of these performances have brought to my heart is RATHER IMMENSE. I’ve watched both Kanye West/Charlie Wilson/The Roots/children’s choir performing THE AMAZING “Bound 2” on Fallon and Janelle Monae performing “Dance Apocalyptic” on Letterman multiple times and neither has gotten old yet. Please trust me and watch both of these(…)

Never Enough Downton Lulz: Downton Sixbey

Downton Abbey is so amazing, yet so make-fun-of-able. We’ve seen this with Downton Arby’s, and now with Downton Sixbey. Sixbey (or 6B) shows the behind-the-scenes goings on of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, if Fallon were Lord Fallon and spoke with an amazing old timey accent. With some amazing cameos from Fred Armisen, Brooke Shields,(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

  BLAZING HOT: The hallucination-inducing hilarity that is Funkmaster Flex debuting Hov+Yeezy’s “Otis” – it takes 22 minutes! Fleet Foxes covering Whitney Houston. We’ll dance with y’all! Opening Ceremony x Soludos espadrilles – only $35! Snatch em! Fallon x Timberlake x Roots = History of Rap Part 2. You can’t not love this. Emma Watson(…)