Amazing or Wack? Golden Dipped, Black Feather Necklace

I was browsing the fine wares on Supermarket, when I came across this gold and black leather necklace. Several of my known triggers were there – black, gold, leather, feather, necklace. I love all of those things. But all together is it just TOO much of several good things? I’m torn between thinking that it’s(…)

Melody Ehsani, I Want All of Your Jewelry

  Yowza. Jewelry and footwear designer Melody Ehsani is both fierce and inspiring. From a traditional Persian family, she broke the mold when deciding to pursue her true love, design, rather than going to law school like many of her friends and family members. Ehsani says that in her culture, a woman’s worth is largely(…)

Erie Basin: Tumblr Heaven

I always prefer something with an aged patina over something brand sparkling new, especially when it comes to jewelry. Hence my new obsession: the Erie Basin tumblr page. I have literally spent half a day scrolling through the gorgeous pictures that shop owner Russell Whitmore posts. Most of them are of the antique pieces he(…)

Hang It Up with Pack Rack!

Pack Rack is a jewelry hanger that will rival the cuteness of even your most prized baubles. Brooklyn designer (and member of the uber-cool American Design Club) Steph Mantis handcrafts each rack using salvaged and reclaimed wood. Available in black walnut, white oak and long leaf yellow pine, this eensy weensy trophy wall is both(…)

Perfectly Delicate: Art Deco and Edwardian Engagement Rings

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at modern engagement rings, you know that 99% of the stuff out there is well, in a word, hideous. Which is why I once had a bad dream about a very tall engagement ring with moving parts (it was scary!). Luckily NYC jeweler Leigh Jay Nacht scours the(…)

Sweet Nothings from In God We Trust

In God We Trust, the mini-empire of thoughtfully appointed boutiques by Brooklyn-based designer/curator extraordinaire, Shana Tabor, is just the place to go when you want to get a friend a gift. My latest obsessions here (and there have been many) are the Sweet Nothings pendants – and at $40 a pop, they’re the perfect price(…)

Best Gifts of the 2010

The holiday season is now officially over, so what better time to reflect on all of the great gifts we gave and received: Thea Best Received My sister, PA Nina, knows how much I love horses and that I needed a nice, simple, gold necklace. She gave me this amazing Minoux Jewelry piece, Little Lucky(…)