Get Your Perfect Fit with Uniqlo’s Free Alterations!

Get Your Perfect Fit with Uniqlo’s Free Alterations!

If you’ve ever wanted to look like that blonde, perfectly-outfitted model above, now is your chance! I feel like the back of my mind has known about Uniqlo‘s awesome alteration policy for a while, but the front of my mind just caught the drift. Basically what I’m saying is that – Yes! Uniqlo will alter(…)

For Late Summer/Fall Style, Dolce Vita’s Wynne Dress in Blue

While the days are still warm, but the nights start to cool, my mind wanders to what’s in my closet to get me through the pre-fall weather. Jeans and t-shirts are a staple, as always, but sometimes you want to go girly and dress-y. I’ve been eyeing maxis all summer long, but I just haven’t(…)

Strapping Idea!

I happened upon this wacky/smart product this weekend while browsing through the UK Daily Mail website (one of my favorite places for Euro-gossip and a British take on US celebrity news–always a treat) and although I don’t think I’m going to buy them right away, I’m glad to know they exist.  Baggy-jeans-knee is probably not(…)