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Ok, So it Looks Like I’m Going to be the One to Write About Kawaii Pet MEGU! Hooray!

Ok, So it Looks Like I’m Going to be the One to Write About Kawaii Pet MEGU! Hooray!

Ahhhhhh, I’ve only had the Kawaii Pet MEGU app for a week, but I am ADDICTED. MEGU is a virtual pet that you feed, care for, and play with. You can visit your friends and their megus and play with them and leave them treats. That’s it, that’s all it is. So WHY is it(…)

Michael Winslow is Blowing My Mind

Not a whole lot of intro needed here…Michael Winslow, the guy who was all “beep boo boop” in The Police Academy movies, is shown on Norwegian talk show Prime Time performing Led Zeppelin.  Just.  Omg.  Just watch it.  Now.  Seriously. Check out other videos, then download Winslow’s iPhone app (!) from his website. via

Dope App: New York Times Crosswords

I’m not much of a mobile game player. I think the last game I played on a mobile device was Dope Wars on my Palm Pilot. (PALM PILOT, GUYS.) But, with an iPhone, I figured I might as well have some kind of backup to pass the time when I didn’t have enough time or(…)

Beautiful, Colorful, Huggable: Show Dogs by Kate Lacey

There are a few things that characterize me, and one of them is my absolute love for dogs. You could be walking the world’s ugliest dog and I would still coo over it, so I’m convinced that the (evil) geniuses over at Evil Twin Publications have my number. Their book Show Dogs: A Photographic Breed(…)

CatPaint: Painting the World One Cat at a Time

My new favorite iPhone app is CatPaint. I bought it over the summer but didn’t really fully appreciate it’s glory until recently. CatPaint is basically exactly what it sounds like — an app that lets you paint with cats. You can use either the default outer space background or a picture of your choice and then pick(…)