Flaunt Your Executive Realness

From RuPaul’s Drag Race to Wigstock to Paris Is Burning…I love drag and I have mucho respect for the fabulous queens and kings out there doing their thing. They are the definition of fabulousness, confidence, beauty and bravery. It turns out that Shannon Maldonado of the awesome film blog I Love Hot Dogs has major(…)

Darcel Disappoints: Essential NYC Blog

Darcel, the egg-shaped, cycloptic alter ego of NYC artist Craig Redman loves what New Yorkers love (coffee, inspiring art, champagne) and hates what New Yorkers hate (hangovers, instantly-ruined suede shoes, feeling old)…and does both with incredible style. On Redman’s blog Darcel Disappoints, you can follow his fabulous adventures and take comfort in the fact that(…)