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The Magical Tableaus of Misha Ashton’s Flora + Fauna Series

The Magical Tableaus of Misha Ashton’s Flora + Fauna Series

Do you feel like you’re staring into a Beach House song right now? Because that’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I first saw this photo from Misha Ashton’s Flora + Fauna series. In her words: “This image is from a new series I am working on, where I photograph animals at natural(…)

El Casco: Staple Away!

Kaufmann Mercantile, you’ve done it again.  You’ve managed to hit me with another perfectly crafted specimen of an object that’s been around for centuries.  Frustrated with my own sub par stapler, incapable of attaching more than 10 pages at a time, I started my search for a new one. Of course, Staples was not exactly(…)

Bold, Modern Florals from Urban Outfitters

So often, floral prints on fabrics are sedate, muted things reminiscent of prim English propriety or patterned Laura Ashley prints. It’s no secret that I’m not into the whole floral thing, especially not for my home fabrics. Urban Outfitters has changed my mind, with their super punchy “Romantic Floral Scarf” collection. The collection includes pillow(…)

My Dream House (and Ashtrays)

  T Magazine grants readers access to some incredible creative homes. The most recent design issue of the magazine introduces us to Alexandre de Betak’s Mallorca home. I’ve always had a soft spot for the white-washed walls, weathered stone, and terra cotta tiles of the Mediterranean, but this house takes the cake. The Times may(…)