high tops


I recently twisted my ankle for probably the 100th time while dancing with friends (so massively embarrassing and uncool to wipe out while doing a jaunty little step on the dance floor) and had to turn to my two pairs of high tops to get me through my convalescence.  While my friends wore cute heels(…)

Married to the Mob’s Shoe Game Is Real

No, Married to the Mob didn’t give ’em the Christian Louboutins with the four-inch heel. Rather, Mob queen-pin Leah McSweeney teamed up with Lacoste to bring the world this supremely dope high-top. I’ve always been a fan of Married to the Mob and the NYC line’s female-centric sassafrass ways, but damn – I was not(…)

FIERCE: Vans x Santigold High Tops

Two of my favorite fashion details are gold chains and perforated leather, so imagine my glee when hearing the news about these amazing high tops last fall, then my disappointment when I found out that they weren’t going to be released until spring 2011. Well, spring 2011 is officially here and so are these fierce(…)