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I Swore I’d Never: Frilly & Floral Jill Stuart Jumper

I Swore I’d Never: Frilly & Floral Jill Stuart Jumper

Do I have a thing for jumpsuits? If you were to sneak into my closet and rifle through my clothes, you would think not. But here’s my secret: I love them, but own only one. I’m pretty sure it’s the simplicity of the outfit: one piece and you’re out the door. It also falls solidly(…)

French Would Teach: Les Yéyé

French Would Teach: Les Yéyé

As a newly minted French teacher, I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time trolling the internet for francophone music and videos that I can use in class. I’ve been very pleased with the results so far, and the gems that I’ve encountered have inspired me to start a new set of recurring posts: French Would(…)

Mini-Size Your Notes with Pocket Dept. Notebooks

I’m simply swooning over these miniature notebooks designed and produced b y Art House Coop in Brooklyn. They use recycled materials to make these pocket-sized notebooks, with 70-lb. paper to satisfy even the pickiest paper fiend (which would be me). I especially love the letter-pressed covers, with their vintage-inspired design reminiscent of school days of(…)

Animal Looks: Ribbed Tights & Clogs

Since I started school, I’ve been turning away from some of the heels in my closet and have been consistently reaching for my Madewell desert booties. As much as I love them, it’s always nice to switch things up a bit. Clogs have long been on my list, but my one attempt at purchasing a(…)

Small Batch Production for a Frenchified Kitchen

I love making small batches of baked goods at home – you know, where you make a huge chocolate chip cookie recipe, freeze three-quarters of it, and then bake a few cookies fresh every night. Maybe that’s why I was drawn the the Small Batch Production store on Etsy. The shop turns out beautiful hand-sewn linen(…)

For Late Summer/Fall Style, Dolce Vita’s Wynne Dress in Blue

While the days are still warm, but the nights start to cool, my mind wanders to what’s in my closet to get me through the pre-fall weather. Jeans and t-shirts are a staple, as always, but sometimes you want to go girly and dress-y. I’ve been eyeing maxis all summer long, but I just haven’t(…)