New Nail Polish for the Holidays!

  You know I love glittery nailpolishes, so when I recently came across the above Essie Luxeffects online I freaked out…FINALLY Essie gets into the glitter game!  They have some shimmery nailpolishes but I have never seen glitters as chunky and glam from Essie as these.  The colors, from left to right, are As Gold(…)

Primp & Polish: Every Nail Polish Color Under the Sun

Primp & Polish is a Williamsburg nail salon favorite that is fairly fancy, has every nail polish color imaginable (including up to date seasonal colors from Essie, OPI, Chanel, and China Glaze), and has tons of gel options. It seems like they carry every single brand and color of gel polish imaginable– Shellac, CND, Gelish,(…)

Essie Geranium – A Rad Summer Red

Depending on the shade and the context, the color red in makeupland can evoke so many adjectives: glamorous, dated, tacky, chic, trampy, bold, luxurious and on and on. Hence, I have traditionally shied away from red makeup, afraid of taking a misstep and ending up looking like a two-bit hooker (yes, readers – a prostitute(…)