downton abbey

Never Enough Downton Lulz: Downton Sixbey

Downton Abbey is so amazing, yet so make-fun-of-able. We’ve seen this with Downton Arby’s, and now with Downton Sixbey. Sixbey (or 6B) shows the behind-the-scenes goings on of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, if Fallon were Lord Fallon and spoke with an amazing old timey accent. With some amazing cameos from Fred Armisen, Brooke Shields,(…)

Feast Your Eyes on…Theo James

Oh hi, Mr. Pamuk. And, how rude of me, I should also say hello to your smoldering eyes, luscious lips and sexily mud-splattered face. I mean, is this guy for real? Even playing the kinda date rapey Kemal Pamuk on Downton Abbey, I was still in love with the hotness of actor Theo James. If(…)

Waiting for the Return of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey first aired on PBS in January 2011. Shortly after that I watched the whole first season in one afternoon on Netflix Instant. Having seen more British drama series than I can count, this is definitely one of the best I’ve watched in awhile. I devoured it and immediately couldn’t wait for the second season to(…)