Sandy’s Rescue Pals: Adoptable Dogs on Broadway!

Sandy’s Rescue Pals: Adoptable Dogs on Broadway!

I’m not sure if anything could be MORE in my wheelhouse than Sandy’s Rescue Pals. Combining the adorableness of rescue pups and Honoring the show’s tradition of using adoptable dogs in the role of Sandy, this program showcases adoptable dogs during each Wednesday matinee of Annie on Broadway. The show teamed up with rescue organization(…)

New Dog Obsession: The Norwegian Lundehund

O HAI! I thought I knew every single dog breed that existed until I came across this mystifyingly adorable creature on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Norwegian Lundehund has fox-like Shiba Inu-esque looks, an amazingly awkward gait and BONUS TOES! Lundehunds have six toes per foot which helped them with stability back in(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week, Halloween Edition!

Tricks: A corgi dressed as the M23 bus won the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade contest. Click for some AMAZING pics! La creme de la creme of carved pumpkins were on display at Crest Hardware’s annual carving contest! HALLOWEEN OR WILLIAMSBURG?! Treats: The Mary Jane Girls’ “Candy Man” video is seriously one of our(…)

Power List: 5 Reasons to See Beginners

I loved this movie. From the dialogue to the clothes to the awesome acting, this is at the very top of my movies for 2011. While not without flaws, I was swept up in this clever, playful and touching flick. Here are 5 reasons to see Beginners: 1. The wonderful story: Based on the life(…)