Too Cute Is Ridic in the Best Way Possible

Too Cute Is Ridic in the Best Way Possible

How is it possible that this is the third season of Too Cute on Animal Planet?  You guys, there is literally a show out there that is like Puppy Bowl.  Every week Too Cute features kittens and puppies and hedgehogs and all manner of adorable little animals tumbling about as a narrator talks about them.(…)

Have You Heard About Caine’s Arcade?

If you like things that are so cute and inspiring that they might make you cry, then I implore you to watch the short film, Caine’s Arcade. Little, adorable 9-year-old Caine is not just little and adorable. He’s also a powerhouse of creativity, taking big ideas and translating them into real life with whatever’s lying(…)

Prince Fielder: A Tribute

I have often compared watching baseball to watching a bunch of little kids wait to jump in the pool. There’s a lot of build up (watch me, WATCH ME!), but when the actual jump happens, it’s not that exciting. Even the one jump in 100 that’s actually pretty cool doesn’t make up for all the(…)

Embracing the 70’s with Swedish Hasbeens

A friend of mine told me about Swedish Hasbeens, the VERY adorable wooden/leather shoes from (duh) Sweden sometime last year, but it wasn’t until the reintroduction of all the sweet 70’s looks this season that they made sense to me.  Suddenly, I had to have them.  Until I looked at the site and realized that(…)