The Banger Report: Vol. 5

The Banger Report: Vol. 5

OK, time to kick the bangers into overdrive. It’s almost summer! This first banger is so over-the-top bangerish that I would almost say it’s NSFW. Unless your workplace encourages people jumping off their desk, throwing file folders everywhere and knocking over water coolers, you may not want to listen to this song in the office(…)

Have You Heard About Caine’s Arcade?

If you like things that are so cute and inspiring that they might make you cry, then I implore you to watch the short film, Caine’s Arcade. Little, adorable 9-year-old Caine is not just little and adorable. He’s also a powerhouse of creativity, taking big ideas and translating them into real life with whatever’s lying(…)

Lactofree Hedgehog Says “Yes” to Dairy; My Heart Says “Yes” to Hedgehog

How is this the cutest weirdest little commercial ever, and it’s for Lactofree? As a person living with lactose intolerance let me tell you that never before has a commercial for dairy free products spoken to me so strongly.  If I lived in the UK I would be tearing towards the nearest store right now(…)

New Dog Obsession: The Norwegian Lundehund

O HAI! I thought I knew every single dog breed that existed until I came across this mystifyingly adorable creature on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Norwegian Lundehund has fox-like Shiba Inu-esque looks, an amazingly awkward gait and BONUS TOES! Lundehunds have six toes per foot which helped them with stability back in(…)

Axolotl Therapy

Axo-whaaaa?  The Axolotl (otherwise known as the ‘Mexican Walking Fish’) is a mole salamander indigenous to a specific lake in Mexico City.  Personally, I think it looks like the real world version of Ponyo!  I wonder if they like ham… PS These are all baby Axolotls…older ones don’t look nearly as cute.  Ain’t that always the way.(…)