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Prince Fielder: A Tribute

I have often compared watching baseball to watching a bunch of little kids wait to jump in the pool. There’s a lot of build up (watch me, WATCH ME!), but when the actual jump happens, it’s not that exciting. Even the one jump in 100 that’s actually pretty cool doesn’t make up for all the(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

PAST: Portable’s gif guide to the HBIC makes us v. happy. Fela Soul blends the genius of De La Soul with the genius of Fela Kuti. Genius! Hear N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton with all of the non-curse words removed. Totes NSFW. Ed Westwick at the US Open = <3. PRESENT: Wish we could have witnessed(…)

Hanson – Still a Little Annoying, But No Longer Look Like a Bunch of Little Girls

Not to be known as the PA member who constantly posts about young boybands or anything, but it recently came to my attention that Hanson is still together.  You remember Hanson, the one-ish hit wonder from the nineties, the boys who all had long hair and soft features like girls?  Pretty girls, but girls nonetheless. (…)