christina hendricks

Dying to See Drive

“Oh hi, Mr. Gosling. What’s that? You’re sexily brooding in a car? Oh, that’s a still from a movie that you’re starring in called Drive in which you play an alt action hero of sorts?” A. I’m seeing this movie based on that alone. B. It stars other perfect specimens of humankind, Christina Hendricks and(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Art: Scott Campbell: Celebrity tattoo artist and Louis Vuitton collaborator Lego stop-motion animation of “Summer Nights” from Grease Breathtaking photos of pups, penguins and exploration in Antarctica circa 1911 Get a sneak peek into Kiel Mead’s studio Why Ai Weiwei matters Rodarte’s short film: Aanteni Fashion: Hayden-Harnett’s adorable Boat Tote! Stunning Balmain striped sequin dress(…)