Kawaii Craziness: Elizabeth Center in Chinatown

Kawaii Craziness: Elizabeth Center in Chinatown

From the outside, Elizabeth Center in Chinatown looks not only unassuming, but straight up boring.  When you first enter the building, things don’t really look much better.  Weird shops selling giant bras and medical supplies abound. Take the escalator downstairs, though, and what you will find is a crazy wonderland of Kawaii epicness.  Want a(…)

Scouting New York

I am slightly obsessed with the secrets of this city. There are both hidden and obvious treasures at every turn, and I want to know about all of them. If I’m not careful I’ll end up being one of those crazy people who have walked every block in Manhattan or try to ride the entire(…)

Chinatown’s Little-Known Specialty: Jerky!

Dan and I love Asian food and eat-it-up-yum at nearly every meal.  Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Chinese all are in our top five favorite cuisines. This means that we spend a huge amount of time trolling the Chinatowns in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn for delicious treats. I don’t know how we stumbled upon this(…)