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Let Them Eat (Elaborately Decorated) Cake!

Let Them Eat (Elaborately Decorated) Cake!

T & C Productions Presents: Petit fours with Cake Hero’s Melissa Torres from Tara Sgroi on Vimeo. As some of you lovelies may know, not only am I a Power Animal, but I am also known to some as Cake Hero!  I make all kinds of specialty cakes, and when I’m not bloggin it up(…)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Full Trailer!  AAAAAH

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Full Trailer! AAAAAH

Just posting a quick update to share the full Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer with you guys. This time we get to see the other stupid vampires that Edward drives around collecting so they can bear witness to Renesmee’s growth to the Volturi. More of Bella being The Most Awesome Vampire Who Ever Vampired, and(…)

Make Your Own Candy Bars (or How I Obsessively Overplan All My Birthdays)

This post is way late, but I turned a gloriously ripe 31 a few weeks ago.  Last year I had a girls weekend at my father’s house in Jersey…he lives in a state park and it’s very pretty and picturesque, you would never believe that a scant 40 minutes away is where Snooki and the(…)

Crepe Gateau

Ah holiday baking, you foul temptress.  Every year, I have SO many ideas, SO many plans…and then at the last minute I am running around like a mad woman, pots and pans everywhere.  Before you know it, the apartment is a million degrees because the oven has been on all day and my poor boyfriend(…)