French Would Teach: Yelle

French Would Teach: Yelle

I was searching furiously for a video clip that would help me teach my students breakfast-related vocab words and I came across the French band Yelle. I found a simple interview that takes place in an American-themed diner in Paris. In it, Julie Budet, lead singer of the group, talks about the first time she(…)

Spied it, Tried it: Waffle & Wolf

I first read about Waffle & Wolf in Zagat Buzz and was immediately super excited about this new addition to the Graham Avenue area of Williamsburg. Waffle & Wolf offers a new twist on your traditional waffle — think waffle taco with sweet and savory fillings. At first, I found the options a little overwhelming. There are 14 pre-designed(…)

Royal Wedding, Royal Breakfast at Jean Georges

PA Melissa and I are totally psyched for the royal wedding, and it’s just a couple of weeks away! We’re probably just going to DVR the show, and get together Friday night to watch and marvel at the greatest parade of our time. We’ll have some bubbly and speak in fake British accents, and then(…)

Morning Jolt

Citrus fruits are by far my favorite fruits. Oranges, grapefruits, pomelos (which PA Melissa introduced to me), clementines, I can eat them by the crate load. In my office, I wait eagerly for the winter months when our fruit of the month box arrives, full of tart California mandarins and sweet tangerines. So I couldn’t(…)