bon iver

Bon Iver in Iceland

httpvh:// Having just returned from 12 magical days in Iceland, I’m really digging the Bon Iver “Holocene” video. Now if only I were wondering around the volcanic, glacier filled landscape of Iceland, instead of sitting at my desk in NYC. You can find more musical goodies from Bon Iver at Insound.

Computer Love: Our Fave Links for the Week…

Fashion: The Johnny Weir Collection is now available. OMJW is right: NYC-based designer Assad Mounser makes super chic and colorful jewelry: Is a REAL snakeskin manicure really cool, or really creepy? You tell us: SHOP, the NYC pop-up featuring awesome designers, DJ’s, and delicious snacks, is coming next week! Brooklyn-based designer(…)

The Chronicles of Kanye: The Monster, the Dead Girl, and the Couch

With all the hullabaloo about Kanye West’s recent album, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Monster video is sure to be just another chapter in Kanye’s saga of controversial choices. Dead girls being kissed and groped, hanging dead girls with nooses made of chains, dead girls stuffed into couches? This 30 second sneak peek gives(…)