Etsy Finds: Overwhelming Cuteness at Cat Bear Express

Etsy Finds: Overwhelming Cuteness at Cat Bear Express

Clockwise from top left: 1. Little Orange Fox Totem, $15 2. Bubble Tea Cell Phone Charm, $10 3. Baby Blue Narwhal Charm, $10 4. Pastel Rainbow Cake Earrings, $18 When I stumbled upon Cat Bear Express, my eyebrows instantly shot up, allowing the maximum amount of cuteness into my retinas. If you consider that the(…)

The Most Intense Animal T-Shirts of All Time

I was innocently going about my job the other day, when I came across THESE by mistake. OR SERENDIPITY. Yes, The Mountain, the same t-shirt company that brought you Three Wolf Moon and probably outfits at least one of your wacky relatives has now come out with this line of “Big Face Animal” t-shirts. I(…)

The Amazing Animal Photography of Tim Flach

I just found London-based photographer Tim Flach’s website the other day and…wow.  Tim has said that by treating the animals as human subjects who are sitting for a portrait, we are more likely to anthropomorphize them.  That is certainly true for me when I look at these.  For example, doesn’t the horse with the cute knots in(…)