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Girly Hobo No Longer

Clockwise from top left:  Kimchi Blue Doctor Weekender, $99 / Topshop Tropical Print Holdall, $92 / Gravis Travel Duffle in Aloha, $84 / Kimchi Blue Floral Patch Weekender, $59 This weekend I’m going away for the first time with my new boo.  Besides the usual packing panic (it’s going to be mid 80s in Virginia!  I(…)

American Apparel Glitter Polishes

American Apparel has many faults…Dov Charney is gross, the brand image is sleazy and their clothes can be totally bizarre.  All of this serves to make me feel pretty weird when I find myself there, all too often, picking up some random item and wondering “Why can’t I quit you??”. Once again, just as I(…)

Jack Spade for Ladies

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jack Spade, but not just because it’s the easiest place to shop for my beau. I just love the aesthetic – classic lines, basic colors, and always practical. It’s no big surprise, then, that I found something there that’s worthy of any girl’s accessory shelf. A few months(…)