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Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week! Holiday Edition

Creep Holiday Cards! And another holiday ecard from our dearest RuPaul, who appears to be pregnant with holiday cheer! Send your friends a creepy animated Christmas card from artist Cyriak Harris to get them in the Christmas spirit!  The Kreepy Kristmas Kard trend continues! Holiday Food we Really Want to Eat! Holiday recipe time! 60(…)

Power List: 3 Products for the Best Beachy Waves

It is a simple fact of life that people always yearn for hair that is different from their own. Up through my early 20s I had stick-straight Marcia Brady hair and dreamed of hair that did something, anything! Over the years my hair listened to me and has a lot more texture but, of course,(…)

American Apparel Glitter Polishes

American Apparel has many faults…Dov Charney is gross, the brand image is sleazy and their clothes can be totally bizarre.  All of this serves to make me feel pretty weird when I find myself there, all too often, picking up some random item and wondering “Why can’t I quit you??”. Once again, just as I(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week!

Azealia Banks, Drunk Hulk and an underground park PA fave Azealia Banks gets some love on Pitchfork.  Surprisingly, we agree with Drunk Hulk’s sexiest people of the year!  High Line Inspires Plans for Park Under Delancey Street.  Games of Thrones, Hipster game and Muppets April will be a glorious month: ‘Game of Thrones’: First footage(…)

New Nail Polish for the Holidays!

  You know I love glittery nailpolishes, so when I recently came across the above Essie Luxeffects online I freaked out…FINALLY Essie gets into the glitter game!  They have some shimmery nailpolishes but I have never seen glitters as chunky and glam from Essie as these.  The colors, from left to right, are As Gold(…)

Animal Magnetism: Loving Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara

Along with blush, mascara is one of my daily make up musts. I feel naked without it and have tried tons formulas, brush styles, and brands over the years. When Fiberwig came to Sephora a few years back, I was in love. I am not, however, in love with the new formula – d.j.v beautenizer(…)

Primp & Polish: Every Nail Polish Color Under the Sun

Primp & Polish is a Williamsburg nail salon favorite that is fairly fancy, has every nail polish color imaginable (including up to date seasonal colors from Essie, OPI, Chanel, and China Glaze), and has tons of gel options. It seems like they carry every single brand and color of gel polish imaginable– Shellac, CND, Gelish,(…)