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Beat the Heat and Make Your Skin Happy with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Beat the Heat and Make Your Skin Happy with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

You guys, it has been SO HOT in NYC recently! I love hot weather, but sometimes I need to find a way to cool down, like instantly. Luckily I’ve discovered La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water spray,  which both cools you down and has actually worked wonders for my skin. We’ve all seen the Evian spray that tons(…)

Monochromatic French Manicures = My New Obsession

It’s been faaaar to long since I’ve had any action on this blog and to ease myself back in, I’m going with what’s easy… AKA posting about manicures. So here is my new nail obsession: Monochromatic french manicures. I love getting crazy intense sparkly manicures, but sometimes I feel like the higher ups at my(…)

Abhyasa Yoga Center = My Williamsburg Oasis

After a long day hunched over a keyboard, nothing feels better than a long stretching session! My #1 place to get my stretch on is Abhyasa Yoga Center. Abhyasa focuses on Hatha yoga-based breath-centered movement rather than gym-like power vinyasa mega blasts. The result is a practice that’s relaxing while still challenging. It’s seriously the(…)

NAILGasm: Nail Documentary Tells Me It’s Ok to be Obsessed with My Nails

L.A. lady Brass is working on a documentary about nail art and she needs your help!  We at Power Animals have long been fascinated with the creativity and skill it takes to translate a design into teeny tiny nail art, so we are crazy excited to see what these talented women have to say about(…)

Power List: 3 Products to Save Your Skin From Terrible Winter Dryness

It’s freezing cold, wind is whipping down the avenues, and tears are running down your face. It’s winter, YAAAAAYYYYY! Haha, kidding. Winter is my nemesis. It makes my skin sad and red and dry and crackly and it has become clear to me that I was meant to live in the tropics. Many, many years(…)