Insanely Tall 70s-Inspired Platform Face-off! Jessica Simpson Dany vs. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy

I know my interest in these shoes is a little silly. I live in a city in which it is very common to walk many, many miles in one day. But still it does not stop me from finding these shoes appealing. It is highly probable that these shoes were created NOT to actually walk(…)

Embracing the 70’s with Swedish Hasbeens

A friend of mine told me about Swedish Hasbeens, the VERY adorable wooden/leather shoes from (duh) Sweden sometime last year, but it wasn’t until the reintroduction of all the sweet 70’s looks this season that they made sense to me.  Suddenly, I had to have them.  Until I looked at the site and realized that(…)

Let it Snow!

New York has been inundated with snow this year. So far, thirty-seven inches have fallen in Central Park, which is much more than we’ve had in recent years and winter isn’t over yet. I love snow in New York, especially first thing in the morning after a big storm when it’s in neat white, fluffy(…)

Love for Chie Mihara

The first pair Chie Mihara shoes I feel in love with were gorgeous cream-colored t-strap heels that I saw on sale at Soula on Smith Street. There was one pair left and it was in my size. I left to think it over and when I went back a few days later, they were gone.(…)

Coveting Shearling Clog Boots

Some of my coworkers have been rocking Sven‘s shearling clog boots for years now. They look cute under wide leg pants, over skinny jeans, and with dresses and dark tights. But more importantly, they look super comfortable and warm, which is key for teacher footwear! We spend most of the day on our feet and(…)