Strapping Idea!

I happened upon this wacky/smart product this weekend while browsing through the UK Daily Mail website (one of my favorite places for Euro-gossip and a British take on US celebrity news–always a treat) and although I don’t think I’m going to buy them right away, I’m glad to know they exist.  Baggy-jeans-knee is probably not(…)

Hayden-Harnett for Tron: Legacy

Browsing the Thanksgiving sale on the Hayden Harnett website, I came across this: Hayden-Harnett, one of my all time favorite brands, has a Tron tie-in collection!  MIND BLOWN.  Now, I haven’t seen the original Tron, but for some reason my excitement for Tron: Legacy is weirdly at a fever pitch.  It just looks amazing!  Daft(…)

Seeing Black: The Perfect Opaque Tights

I came to the realization this fall that wearing a cute dress with opaque tights is far more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans with added bonus of being fancier and who doesn’t want that? Quickly, my quest to wear more dresses became a search for the perfect pair of black, opaque tights. For(…)