Adieu Ennui

Best New Board Game Award: The Settlers of Catan

I can trace my earliest obsession with board games back to age six when my friend Erica and I used to attempt to secretly pull all-nighters to play the game of Life. In my freshman year of college my attention turned firmly to cards and scrabble. Lots of Scrabble. My friend Annie and I used(…)

Bill Cunningham New York: A Documentary About Our Favorite Street Fashion Photographer

I know I am not alone in my utter adoration for the work of New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham and his witty documentation of the denizens of this fair city. Next month a documentary about his life’s work finally receives it’s theatrical release. When Bill agreed to the film, the fashion and photography(…)

Daddy’s Home

So, this video is by no means new, but I thought I would do a public service by sharing it with y’all. Back in June 2010, Nicki Minaj (dressed in straight up Biz Minajual) and Drake graced the stage in Hartford, CT to perform the sensual Young Money banger “BedRock” and…well…let me just say that(…)

Book Cover of the Day = Lulz

The premise of the tumblr Book Cover of the Day is simple: a cool girl working in a used book store takes pictures of funny and ridiculous book covers for our viewing pleasure. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Hahaha, wangs. PS, read the tags she gives each post. They might just be the most funnylarious part(…)

It’s Turban Time

In my never-ending quest to become a fabulous retiree, I often make an effort to dress the part. This includes wearing tons of cocktail jewelry, caftans (only around the apartment–someday I should be so brave as to wear one in public), scarves, over-sized sunglasses, faux furs, and of course, turbans. Way back in 2003 I(…)