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Etsy Finds: Animal Knits at Article Apparel

Aaaaaah! Adorable does not do this pillow justice. I just want to get it and spend the night pinching its cheeks. It’s rare to find such a modern take on handmade knits on Etsy, but lovely Lilli Wicks is killing it out of her UK shop. Not only does she make these perfect pillow covers,(…)

Angelo:Home = Cute Furniture for Ikea Prices

I recently moved to a new neighborhood and decided that I really needed to get rid of my ancient Ikea furniture to make way for…new Ikea furniture?  Well, yes.  Because the more I looked around the more I realized that anything that is not Ikea is insaaaaanely overpriced.  Sure, you can hunt for deals and(…)

Dripless Wine Pourer: A Genius Essential for Wine Lovers!

Many thanks to PA Jessie and her husband for introducing me to this amazing wine accessory.  This genius Dripless Wine Pourer from Crate and Barrel makes wine easy to pour, keeps it from dripping down the label, and the double lip even funnels excess right back into the bottle. It’s also dishwasher safe…if you’re lucky enough to have(…)

Mini-Size Your Notes with Pocket Dept. Notebooks

I’m simply swooning over these miniature notebooks designed and produced b y Art House Coop in Brooklyn. They use recycled materials to make these pocket-sized notebooks, with 70-lb. paper to satisfy even the pickiest paper fiend (which would be me). I especially love the letter-pressed covers, with their vintage-inspired design reminiscent of school days of(…)

Computer Love: Our Fave Links of the Week

DIYs: Super dope studded nails from The Nailasaurus! Make your own Grandpa-syle elbow patch sweater because crafting totally rules. Crazy/awesome Beetlejuice costumes are super scary for next Halloween (or whenever). Celebs: Tina Fey continues her reign of awesome by hosting the NPR special “The Hidden World of Girls” “Blonde Adonis” Hunter Parrish is now starring(…)

Etsy Finds: Erin Dollar Linens

For some reason, it’s hard to find simple pillowcases that won’t break the bank. I truthfully do not understand why, since pillows are just two small squares of fabric stitched together with a zipper. Nonetheless, I am too lazy to stitch one myself, so I’ve been on the hunt for something simple and classy that’s(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week, Halloween Edition!

Tricks: A corgi dressed as the M23 bus won the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade contest. Click for some AMAZING pics! La creme de la creme of carved pumpkins were on display at Crest Hardware’s annual carving contest! HALLOWEEN OR WILLIAMSBURG?! Treats: The Mary Jane Girls’ “Candy Man” video is seriously one of our(…)

Best Made Company Whiskey Tumblers

The Game of Thrones, my very favorite epic medieval novels, are loaded with references to boozing out of horns, war horns, and of course, deadly dragon-wakening horns. Best Made Company has now made living in George RR Martin’s world a little more possible, with these whiskey tumblers that would be beautiful to set out on(…)

Leif’s Glorious Sparkly Kitchen Utensils

Yeah, they’re plastic, but they are AAAH so pretty!! Brooklyn based online store Leif has a plethora of fun things for your home, but the items I simply cannot get over are these colorful sparkly kitchen utensils…aren’t they amazing!?  Wouldn’t these be such a cute and wallet-friendly gift for a friend, maybe a good secret(…)