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Make Your Favorite Instagrams Useful With Coastermatic

Make Your Favorite Instagrams Useful With Coastermatic

Instagrams are so fleeting. Yesterday’s sunset is today’s Live Poultry Laughter is tomorrow’s [insert instameme here]. But, when you take a very special photo of something very special using a very special filter, sometimes you just want to hold on to it and not let it float into instaobscurity. Enter Coastermatic! These geniuses came up(…)

Meet Your BFF at Adoptapalooza 2012!

Meet Your BFF at Adoptapalooza 2012!

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you should know that there are TONS of little buddies waiting for you in shelters all over NYC (and the world). Some of have been abused and some have been abandoned, but whatever their pasts, they all need homes and owners who will treat them with love. This(…)

Have You Heard About Caine’s Arcade?

If you like things that are so cute and inspiring that they might make you cry, then I implore you to watch the short film, Caine’s Arcade. Little, adorable 9-year-old Caine is not just little and adorable. He’s also a powerhouse of creativity, taking big ideas and translating them into real life with whatever’s lying(…)

Etsy Finds: Svelka

I’m a sucker for herringbone, in any color, any fabric, any form. Philadelphia-based Svelka Textiles is cashing in on my patternly obsession. They’re churning clever takes on a menswear classic for everything from cute clutches to eye-popping coasters. Linen is their fabric of choice, hand-made and printed with the signature Svelka herringbone. It’s a fresh,(…)

Power Concept: Start Here Mart

I am the first to admit that I love shopping. Reading Marx and discussing “thing theory” in French literature classes has not changed my love of exchanging dough for well designed commodities. But at some point the Marx gets to you, and the deliberate effacement of the human hand in the object starts pulling at(…)

El Casco: Staple Away!

Kaufmann Mercantile, you’ve done it again.  You’ve managed to hit me with another perfectly crafted specimen of an object that’s been around for centuries.  Frustrated with my own sub par stapler, incapable of attaching more than 10 pages at a time, I started my search for a new one. Of course, Staples was not exactly(…)