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I can’t seem to shop for presents for other people without adding to the list of things that I’d like to receive as presents! There are just to many good things in the world that are worth having.  Can I help it if I like beautiful things?  Or in this case beautiful and interesting design(…)

Exhibition A

With the enormous popularity of sample sale and flash sale websites like Gilt Group, Rue La La, and Haute Look, it was just a matter of time before other industries decided to get in on the game.  Exhibition A, the art world’s entrance into flash sales, launched in early December.  About the company: “ is(…)

Russell Leng

I recently found Russell Leng’s work online and I can’t decide if these abstract designs look like awesome natural gemstones or Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.  Paintings such as the ones below bring to mind about ten different random things as soon as I look at them, and I dig that!  Organic abstract art…bring it on.(…)