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Warm Weather is Blue Marble Ice Cream Weather

Like all the Power Animals, I’m super into food, especially ice cream. In fact, while many people consider themselves coffee snobs or wine snobs, I’m a self-proclaimed ice cream snob and only settle for the very best, creamiest, and most delicious in frozen treats. Now that the weather is warmer, my favorite ice cream spot(…)

To Teenage Heroines: Swamplandia!

The other Power Animals and I love reading young adult fiction, especially stories about strong, confident, teenage heroines. What’s not to love about bold teenage girls fighting against dystopian societies like Katniss in The Hunger Games or Cassia in Matched? In Swamplandia! Karen Russell brings the teenage heroine to adult fiction with her smart, brave,(…)

Fashion Girls for Japan

Fashion Girls for Japan was created by Kikka Hanazawa of VPL, Tomoko Ogura of Barneys Co-Op, Stella Ishii of The News, and Kyoko Kageyama of 3.1 Phillip Lim, to raise money in support of Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims. Their first event – a huge sample sale featuring womens wear from more than 60 New(…)

Southern Sandwiches at Van Horn: Yes Ma’am!

The Power Animals love sandwiches. So naturally, I was super excited when a new restaurant dedicated to southern sandwiches opened in Cobble Hill. The Van Horn Sandwich Shop has only been open since late January, but somehow I’ve managed to go twice already, including once with Power Animals Kiki, Hillary, and Nina in tow. Van(…)

Say What You Really Mean with Greeting Cards from Zeichen Press

Like many of my fellow Power Animals, I love stationery and even worked in a stationery store in high school. I’ll never forget my time at Siegel’s Stationery in Summit, NJ! Now, I love browsing card shops and picking out clever, pretty, or just plain well-designed cards for friends’ birthdays, engagements, and other important events.(…)

Bangable Dudes in History: Who’s your historic crush?

I’m not sure how I first came across Bangable Dudes in History: Dead man porn for your still-beating heart, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite blogs. It’s clever, guaranteed lulz, and appeals to my equally important interests in history and attractive men. Here and only here, can you find pictures and carefully charted(…)

More Than a Pretty Package: Mast Brothers Chocolate

For months, I’ve been noticing a tempting and colorful display of Mast Brothers Chocolate at my favorite local coffee spot, Cafe Pedlar. I’m usually not in the mood for chocolate while buying a latte at 7:00 AM, but couldn’t help but notice the lovely papers wrapping these fancy American craft chocolate bars. Mast Brothers Chocolate(…)